How's Your Home's Curb Appeal?

Keep things fresh with siding replacement services in Moody, Birmingham, & Leeds, AL

Are you ready to renovate your home’s exterior? Whether you’re addressing severe siding damage or just want a new look, Tri-County Roofing & Siding is the company you need. We offer siding replacement services in the Moody, Birmingham, & Leeds, AL area.

We recommend James Hardie siding for all installations and replacements. However, we can install and repair any siding brand. Our experienced team can help you decide which type of siding is right for your home. Call now to get a free siding replacement estimate.

Don't wait to schedule a siding repair appointment

Don't wait to schedule a siding repair appointment

We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective home repair services. We can complete siding repair work to fix cracks, punctures and other minor problems. You can also count on us to repair damage from:

  • Storms: Wind and debris can break and tear your home’s siding.
  • Animals: Raccoons and squirrels can pull away soffit to create nests in your attic.
  • Neglect: Moisture damage is a common result of siding neglect.


Talk to a siding repair technician in Moody, Birmingham, & Leeds, AL today about your options.